Federal companies look to crack down on telemedicine fraud | PropertyCasualty360

Telemedicine has significantly expanded since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. At the same time, the opportunities for fraud have increased. Unscrupulous international and domestic telemarketing call centers, staffing companies, marketers, brokers and practitioners, among other individuals and entities, have recognized the potential to line their pockets. Consider the charges brought several months ago against

NU PropertyCasualty360 2022 Know-how Innovation Honorees | PropertyCasualty360

News The NU PropertyCasualty360 2022 Luminaries program recognizes those in insurance who push for fresh thinking and practices. (Part 1 of 4) The NU PropertyCasualty360 Luminaries recognition program honors companies, people, programs and practices that are modernizing and humanizing the P&C insurance business. (Illustration by Rocco Baviera) In ancient times, before the construction of modern ports

How the metaverse might perchance well remodel insurance — a 5-year research | PropertyCasualty360

An insurer can’t burn down a skyscraper in the real world to train claims adjusters. In the metaverse, an insurer can vividly show employees, individually or in a collaborative virtual group, what to look for in the aftermath of a building fire or other catastrophic event. (Credit: Led Gapline/Shutterstock) The metaverse is ushering in the

The price of resolving claims with gift playing cards | PropertyCasualty360

If it’s possible to settle a claim during the first call, it encourages customers to return to the store, boosts their satisfaction and prevents the claim from developing further. (Credit: Shutterstock) For retailers, customer claims frequency is high but complexity is low. The most common types of claims – slip, trip or fall; struck by;

Flood-broken flooring: May well well furthermore restful you repair or change? | PropertyCasualty360

Commentary Flood waters not only contain water, but they also contain debris and dirt as well as other harmful contaminates that can cause staining and other problems. By Frederick M. Hueston | October 27, 2022 at 12:04 AM There are some tests that can be performed by forensic experts to see if it is possible